The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.

by Van Hunt

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5th album. Delfonics meet Neil Young. i can show you better than i can tell you.


released May 5, 2015

Vinyl explains it all, marvelously.


all rights reserved



Van Hunt Dacula, Georgia


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Track Name: Vega (stripes on)
Vega (stripes on)

Vega, the pleasure of your company
That’s what I need, that’s what I need
Vega, only you can comfort me

What good is a good girl in my wet dreams?
I need a vessel to sail on my fantaSEAS
How good can a good girl really be?
I’m the captain of this relationship
Girl, I wanna cruise with you

Vega, old hats on gold caps
Like slaps on ass
Go together like soul claps on toe taps


Nothing is forever (literally)
Our RELATIONSHIP is alpha and omega
All there is, all there really is

Stripes on the face of a stripper pole vet’
Caught up on the shape of her arms and legs
Bell ringing in the dark, holding onto days gone by
Track Name: Old Hat
Old Hat

Highway killed the village
Highway killed fashion, killed fashion
I was made by a milliner
Ultrasuede by Halston. We should all become
Old hat

Lost among the noise of muscular toys
Are all the old stories about old fashion, old fashion
I’m told that…
Black crows made mobile holes in
A blue sky that blew slow wind
Uptown was still low then
But now it’s all traffic. It’s all traffic. It’s all fast


(just give me some love)

He died without an heir to the castle. to the castle
To the throne
Think you’re the greatest just cause you’re the latest
Well, we all go, baby… to the rapture, to the rapture
With the ghosts


(just give me some love)

Rose passion from my clothes
Life is cold, the way it moves on without you knowin’
The last to a joke is the one they’re laughing, they’re laughing
At the most
Track Name: Pedestal

DeeOohAy MyBah VaryCoseNew-O-Bah

The problem with love is
I don’t have anything to go with it
So, it just sits in my closet
With all the other empty promises

But, tonight
I’ve been put on a pedestal
From the height
I know you see yourself in me
But, tonight
You’re gonna let me fall
From the height
‘Cause you don’t believe that we really could have it all

Love is sweet
But made of a material that doesn’t breathe
So, it sticks to my body
Like a chic suffocation

Track Name: Teach Me A New Language
Teach Me A New Language

No one can hold you like I do
No one else would follow the clues

They see your bright colors
They hear your bells and whistles
What will they do when you strike a nerve?


Teach me a new language
A world without words
No noun or verb in the way
Teach me a new language
A world without words
No noun or verb
A slip of the tongue is felt but never heard

I’m just trying to catch the beat
But I’m coming up short
If I’m stepping on your feet
Don’t blame it on my heart, babe
There’s no figure of speech
That could say it for me
I just don’t know how to speak
To a body that moves like yours


No one else would ever take a closer look
They want you to read just like a talking book
Ever since you danced into view…
I been tryin’ to catch the beat

Track Name: (let it) Soak (n)
(let it) Soak (n)

Dip your love life in my coffee, babe
And let it soak in
You know that you rock me, babe
Now, let it soak in

We once were cool when we were new
We were seduced by breaking rules
We chased our youth through the bloom
And needed a fuse to lighten the mood


Let me take the pressure of ye
Before it soaks in
Temperature may be shocking
Your body’s frozen
Your kisses land softly, baby
Now, let me hold them


Step into my office
The door is always open
Dip your love life in my coffee, baby
Let me be your boyfriend
Track Name: ...Puddin

Country girl, name of Pearl, came around
Took off her shirt, shoved her skirt in my mouth
I made a soft, murmuring sound
When i felt her sweet Georgia brown

And now I don’t want nuddin’ in my puddin’ but the chocolate

We danced to go-go. We drank cocoa from Manila
Her sister, Cherry and Strawberry and Vanilla
Took me into the hills
And tried to beg, borrow and steal my love

But, I don’t want nuddin’ in my puddin’ but the chocolate

She moved for good to Hollywood, we had to part
‘Cause their touches with airbrushes turned her blonde
And I like my movie stars just like my liquor…

And now I don’t want nuddin’ in my puddin’ but the chocolate

What about tapioca?
Track Name: She Stays With Me
She Stays With Me

She’s hard to impress
I never think about the rest
They gave me what I wanted
And I poked out my chest

But, she comes to mind (she comes)
So frequently (because)
She’s always dancing…
Dancin’ on the tip of my tongue

She stays with me
My Momma say I need to let her roam
So many, many who all say yes
She say no
She stays with me
Sunk her teeth in deep my memory foam
So many, many who gave their best
She’s the one I remember the most

‘Cause she’s the one who got away
And flaunts it in my face
It’s hard to shake it off. It’s hard to take a loss
It’s a nasty after-taste

Track Name: Headroom

Every night, all night, I sleep on the floor
Wrestling with myself, tortured
Must have missed something while looking for more
Crushed by the one whom I ignored

From your lips I heard a melody like this, ooh…
You sang goodbye like the blues
Now it’s stuck in my headroom
Without you, I get lost in the bed, ooh…
My mind went wandering after you
Now, it’s lost in my head, too

A flood, French blood flow through my veins
Cool to the touch, good for my brain
But, drug only numb part of my pain
Confusion and paranoia remain


I wish I could edit the things I said to you
You know I regret it, the shit I put you through
And I write this letter from here in exile

And it’s a message from the margins
Can you hear my tearful plea?
If there’s any part of me inside of you
Can you have mercy on me?
Track Name: French for Cloud (cstbu)
French for Cloud (cstbu)

Legs and arms hung from her leotard
A game of stars is no place for the faint of heart

I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you
Maybe I’m lonely, maybe I’m overdue
I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you
Baby I’m always thinking about you

I can blend with the crowd or break from the rank and file
I can tell you that nuage is French for cloud


Baby, I wanna hold you near, whisper in your ear

You vamp. You come and you turn off the lamp
And now I can’t see nothin’ but you

Track Name: Rub My Feet (suddenly)
Rub My Feet (suddenly)

I’m not ashamed to say I need
A break from the cold, a winter in the sun

Your love for me makes the air around us burn
And, now…

I’m not afraid to let you see
My footprints in the snow, where I’m coming from
I’m not ashamed to say I’m weak
I’m on my way home for a winter in the sun


I’m not afraid to let you see
My footprints in the snow, where I’m coming from
Baby, rub my feet
I’m not ashamed to say I bleed like any other animal
I could use a winter in the sun

On the mend, rescued from the deep end
A collector of hearts, down to one lover
Someone who wants me for who I am
Ooh, we all say we wanna know what’s true or false
But, are we brave enough to poke a hole in our hero
Reach in and save a mere mortal?

And not be afraid of what we see
Footprints in the snow, where he’s coming from
Ooh, suddenly
Been runnin’ wild on the grand prix
A break from the cold
A winter in the sun
Track Name: Emotional Criminal
Emotional Criminal

Only you bring me down
But, you bring me down low
Swim around like a fish
While I’m sinking like a ship

Nature, the great matchmaker
Set the prey up with the predator

Emotional Criminal
Ambush me and steal my sympathy
Emotional Criminal
Put your hands where I can see them, nice and slow

Blap, blap, you look sexy in your Momma’s house
La La La

I gave you what you need to breathe on your own
And you punish me for leaving you in control
Paperback book, manufactured love
Needs a romance, a victim and conqueror

Track Name: If I Wanna Dance With You
If I Wanna Dance With You

The English air is a face eraser
And it wears away what matters as our matter fades
I want to live with you forever
I wonder if I can in these dark ages

If I Wanna Dance With You
I have to use my remote control

Fighting over words, bad for your bones
Like two love birds killing each other over one stone
But don’t worry, love will return
With more love that will be gone


Make a believer out of you, for me
Bring some relief forth from the misery
And we will sneak out with a victory

And I’ll dance with you when I wanna dance with you

Track Name: A Woman Never Changes
A Woman Never Changes

Oh, a woman never changes
Her desire only ranges between this and that
Yeah, she go through phases
She might do some rearranging, mixing and matching

She want it all, not just a little
She want all of the top, all of the bottom
All in the middle of my love

She want it when she lookin’ in the mirror
She want all of her shadow, all of her own
Reflection in the store-front window

Yeah, she grumpy when she wake up
Sittin’ at the traffic light, puttin’ on her make-up
To hide the frown on her face
She’ll make any place a parking space
Keys in the ignition, leave the engine runnin’
She’s coming out with grace


She want it all, when she playin’ for keeps
So all the other girls can know she’s my queen
Know she’s my freak

Hey, I hold her when she’s anxious
Pull her close, “Say…what’s the matter, baby?”
Let me ease your mind
‘Cause it’s never what she sayin’
It’s what she’s craving, deep down inside


She want it all, she don’t wanna have to ask
I won’t make her say it, I know she’s a lady
I just let her have it
All of the top, all of the bottom
All in the middle of my love
Track Name: The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.
The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.

Summer gives
And, like a kid, I took it and ran
A moment lives
And later reveals a one night stand

We were having fun
Oh, that’s when she said
“It’s that time of month… Can’t go on red.”
The fun rises, the fun sets

So, I begged
Can’t you kiss me on my head?
She said, “I’ll do it when you come, next year.”
Oh, the fun rises, the fun sets.

Strangers become friends and then…
Strangers again
But, no guilt trips on our field trips
No expectations and no regrets


Your strong legs
Wrapped around my chest
Sex is rough when it’s best, ’til you’re out of breath
The fun rises, the fun sets.

We were having fun
In our swimming trunks
Summer of triumph in nether regions
The fun rises, the fun sets.
Life is dead.
But, none of this was ever meant to be remembered
In post-war love
Oh, the fun rises, the fun sets.

We were having fun

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